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Photo of founder and CEO on a beach with her Beach Board product, hanging from a tree


The Beach Board™

The Beach Board™ was thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted to compliment the world's most unique piece of art - YOU! Our products represent a way of life and are designed to spark joy and connectivity across generations and cultures. The Beach Board™, designed by G. McGee, is unique in its design, form, and function.

Based on an iconic game that has been played and enjoyed around the world for nearly 5,000 years, The Beach Board™ is our modern take on the timeless game of Backgammon. It is guaranteed to be a showstopper wherever you might be (beach, pool, boat, or even at the park!).

Our mission is to inspire more fun in the world and bring people together, we want to encourage people to stop and smell the roses…live life a little lighter…you know, take that load off Fanny.

Our luxury, oversized, bold-colored products are woven with plush cotton terry. Each product comes with a matching canvas pouch containing light and dark wood game pieces. Our pieces were designed to be the perfect weight - light enough not to burden your load, and heavy enough not to blow away.

We don't mess around - the backgammon board, pieces, and dice are all regulation sized.

Come play with us! 

xx G

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Photo of woman smiling playing backgammon on her Beach Board on the beach
Photo of ocean with towel being suspended in the air by a gust of wind

Over the shoulder vantage point focused on the backammon pieces placed on the Beach Board
Photo of the orange and blue Beach Board hanging from a rock